Did Tom Platz Take Steroids Or Natural?

It is not wondering that the bodybuilding and sports have an issue of steroid use.

Tom Platz steroids

The all bodybuilders know that anabolic steroid jacks their performance and shift to the next level.

The debate of steroid use comes to Tom Platz like other professional bodybuilders.

The bodybuilding legend AKA Golden Eagle was well known in the bodybuilding world due to the intensive training styles and leg workout

The other names of Tom Platz are Quad Father, and Quadzilla in the world of bodybuilding

He dedicated his life to the world of fitness since he was only nine years old

Tom trained with a personal trainer at 15 years old.

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He got his inspiration by saw a picture of Dave Draper, who had a strong and toned physique.

The Tom Platz was a truly looks like a beast in his bodybuilding days.

He is mostly recognized in the history of the sports due to a leg workout.

Athlete statistics of Tom Platz:
  • Weight of the body: 225-235lbs (102.1-106.6kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’8’’
  • Size of Thigh: 31’

Well the Tom Platz height is 5’8’’ and he is just bigger than 50-60lbs according to the natural standard

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So what do you think that is he really juiced or completely natural?

Tom has won almost all the titles and love the sports.

When Tom was asked for steroid use, so he tried to minimize the actual topic through taking the support of “steroid therapy”  and talked what is actually going on the sports and bodybuilding.

The proper and correct term of steroid therapy is steroid abuse.

If we are thinking about the past or 1900’s, the time when steroid use is not considered as illegal and easily get after a prescription of a doctor.

It takes the monitoring and drives that are not carried by most of the people.

Well the muscle constructors are taking dbol.

In his words “the anabolic are not give you a championship, nothing more polishing a car.

Tom Platz bodybuildingTom Platz rarely admits the steroid use before any major competition

Everyone knows that the top bodybuilders have mostly used the drugs for winning the competitions.

This is common among the successful people that they always try to downplay

In the modern bodybuilding, anabolic steroids are widely used due to benefits.

Tom knows all of the top bodybuilders and set up the amazing interviews with Lee Priest and five others.

These guys are coming with the pro bodybuilding background.

They have earned a lot through competing at different kinds of competitions, featured in the magazines and through a product endorsement.

You can see the video in which the five guys with most ripped and huge bodies sit alone and no one wanted to ruin the reputation.

Tom Platz interviewed with a bodybuilders who are well known for steroid use, a variety of compounds, insulin, and human growth hormone as well.

You can see in the video of Interviewed for 4.5 hours that how the drug use changed since 1990’s.

The bodybuilders gave multiple thoughts regarding steroid usage.

Steroids and testosterone supplements are very famous in bodybuilders to increase testosterone and stamina.

They compete after following a strict diet, training and also genetics Is involved.

Some of the top bodybuilders are admitted to steroid use or illegal substances.

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You may hear that all of the top famous or legendary bodybuilders such as Ronnie, Jay Cutler, Kai Greene, Rich Piana,  and Arnold admitted to steroid use.

Tom Platz Discussed The Topic Of Anabolic Steroid During A Seminar In Michigan.

He was invited by a bodybuilding contest to conduct a seminar for the participants of NPC Grand Rapids Bodybuilding Championships.

tom platz. Top professional bodybuilders

Tom Platz talked steroid use in front of all but when he asked directly for steroid so he said the bodybuilding is much more than muscle-building drugs.

The steroids are responsible for achieving a great size and physique even with a low dose of steroids.

Dianabol and Clenbuterol are the top anabolic steroids that most of the bodybuilders used.

Naturally, you can achieve results through a lot of work and dedication.

Tom’s weekly workout:

Tom Platz weekly workout is included with a squat, hack squats, leg extensions, standing calf raises, lying leg curls, seated calf raises, and hack machine calf raises.

The sets are usually 3 to 4 and 6-10 sets while the reps vary from 10 to 15 reps.


Like other bodybuilders, Tom diet includes a high source of protein to perform an intense workout and lift heavier weight.

An Interview With The Golden EagleHe takes care of his diet properly while meals are mainly consisted of whole grain toast, juice or milk, coffee and the butter and jelly.

The Tom lunch consists of three to six eggs, sliced tomatoes, 2 bread pieces and juice.

Snacks are included with a cheese and a cup of milk.

The salad, butter, bread, bag of nuts includes in the dinner.


The physical appearance shows steroid use so he probably took some help from the steroids that work.

However, we can deny the efforts, hard work and more prominently his leg workouts

Tom had a great genetics and the ability to push hard.

He got everything through drive, determination, sweat and blood.

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